ERI Institute Helps Organizations to Reduce Poverty and Promote Social Justice

Deadline: 2017-06-07 Posted On: 2015-08-25 06:59:53 , By Mr. R. Kumar

The ERI Institute is calling applications from organizations to provide a brief description of their project. ERI offers grants and impact investments to promising organizations that aim to reduce poverty and social injustice, both global and domestic, by addressing the roots causes that perpetuate them.

Kinds of grants

  1. Operational grants: non-dedicated grants that are meant to support the operation of non-profits who strongly meet the aforementioned criteria.

  2. Project grants: dedicated grants that are meant to support a specific project, which meets the aforementioned criteria.

ERI is a social enterprise founded in 2014 with the aim of:

  • Making the research and fundraising services most needed by non-profits and social enterprises accessible to all, regardless of budgetary constraints.

  • Providing a new source of funding for organizations that aim to reduce poverty and social injustice by addressing the root causes that perpetuate them.

ERI is both a research institute and a donor supporting the work of non-profits and social enterprises. To that end, ERI donates 90% of profits to fund our giving activities.

Eligibility Information

  • Any organization, including non-profits, social enterprises and impact-oriented businesses are eligible to apply.

  • Organization must be able to provide a return on the investment, in the form of monetary yield, goods and services, or impact on poverty reduction and social justice.

  • Organizations should not engage in any way or endorse any kind of activity that involves: unjust discrimination, disrespect or violation of any person or group’s human rights, or violence.

Application Process

Grant application process includes two stages:

  1. The applicant should submit a short (up to two pages) and informal letter of intent describing: organization requesting the grant or investment, its mission and main activities.

  2. ERI will only consider proposals from organizations that have been invited to submit a grant or impact investment proposal.

Read more: Call For Proposal Application Guidelines: Click Here to Download

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