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4Humanities: Seeking Applications for “Shout Out for the Humanities” Student Prize Contest 2016!

Deadline: 2016-03-01 Posted On: 2016-02-11 12:58:40 , By Mr. Raj Kumar

Are you are an undergraduate or graduate student? Do you value humanities and think that society should too? Can you better advocate for humanities than to have students? Can you tell it in your own words, pictures, videos, songs, online materials and much more? Then make a submission for Shout Out for the Humanities student prize contest.
4Humanities is seeking applications from undergraduate or graduate students around the world for “Shout Out for the Humanities” student prize contest for advocacy of the humanities that draws on the expertise of the international digital humanities community.
4Humanities was founded in November 2010 by a collective of digital humanities scholars and practitioners in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia and is growing through the recruitment of members from the digital humanities community, the general humanities community, and others in society.
4Humanities is a site created by the international community of digital humanities scholars and educators to assist in advocacy for the humanities. 4Humanities is both a platform and a resource for humanities advocacy. As a platform, 4Humanities stages the efforts of humanities advocates to reach out to the public.
Prize Information
Undergraduate (1st: US $1,000 – 2nd: $700 – 3rd: $300) and
Best graduate student (1st: US $1,000 – 2nd: $700 – 3rd: $300)
Evaluation Criteria
Eligibility Criteria
Applicant must be a currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student (or have graduated within two years of the contest submission deadline of March 1, 2016) in an institution of higher learning in any country
Applicant can enter the contest as an individual or a team.
All team members must have been a student within two years of the contest submission deadline.
Applicants entry must be in English or be accompanied by an English-language version.
Award of prizes is subject to confirmation of your eligibility as a student

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