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EU-Egypt: EIDHR Programme to Support Civil Society and Human Rights Organisations!

Deadline: 2016-04-07 Posted On: 2016-03-01 03:45:09 , By Mr. Raj Kumar

European Union is seeking proposals from organisations for a country based support scheme with an aim to support Civil Society and Human Rights organisations promoting Human Rights and Democracy in Egypt.

The European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) is the EU thematic instrument aiming at providing assistance to the development and consolidation of democracy and the rule of law and of respect for all human rights and fundamental freedoms.
The Country-Based Support Scheme (CBSS) is a component of the EIDHR designed to support Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) locally, taking into account the characteristics and specific needs of each country.
The promotion and protection of political, civil, social, economic and cultural rights, especially for groups particularly vulnerable to discrimination such as the poor, women, children, and migrants
The promotion of and support to an inclusive society and active citizenship and a culture of tolerance and pluralism.
Grant Information
Any grant requested under this call for proposal must fall between EUR 50,000.00 to EUR 300,000.00
Actions must take place in Egypt.
The initial planned duration of an action may not be lower than 18 months nor exceeds 36 months.
Eligibility Criteria
In order to be eligible for a grant, the lead applicant must:
be a legal person and
be non-profit-making and
belong to one of the following bodies: a civil society organisation, including non-governmental non-profit
organisations and independent political foundations, community-based organisations and
private-sector non-profit agencies, institutions and organisations and networks thereof at
local, national, regional and international level and
be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action with the co-applicant(s) and affiliated entity(ies), not acting as an intermediary and
The lead applicant must act with co-applicant(s) as specified hereafter. Co-applicants participate in designing and implementing the action, and the costs they incur are eligible in the same way as those incurred by the lead applicant.
The lead applicant and its co-applicant(s) may act with affiliated entity(ies) that include:
Entities directly or indirectly controlled by an applicant (daughter companies or first-tier subsidiaries). They may also be entities controlled by an entity controlled by an applicant (granddaughter companies or second-tier subsidiaries) and the same applies to further tiers of control;
Entities directly or indirectly controlling the applicant (parent companies). Likewise, they may be entities controlling an entity controlling the applicant;
Entities under the same direct or indirect control as the applicant (sister companies).

Read more: Call For Proposal Application Guidelines: Click Here to Download Application Form: Click Here to Download

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