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Teach a Man to Fish: School Enterprise Challenge International Award Program

Deadline: 2016-04-25 Posted On: 2016-03-03 09:55:25 , By Mr. Raj Kumar

Teach a Man to Fish is seeking applications from schools around the world for its School Enterprise Challenge international award program to guide and support teachers and students to plan and set up real school businesses.
Students develop essential skills in business and entrepreneurship in a practical, fun and innovative way. The Challenge also helps schools generate extra income for their school, or a social cause of their choice.
The School Enterprise Challenge is designed to help young people to become socially responsible entrepreneurs, who seek not just to make a profit, but also think about their planet and the people around them.
It helps students to become the business leaders of the future, increase their employability and support their university and college applications.
Establish a new source of income for school. On average, each school participating in the School Enterprise Challenge generates USD $1,000 per year through their enterprise.
Applicant can gain access to organizationís full suite of educational resources and use its school-based enterprise to enhance teaching and learning in a variety of curriculum areas.
Applicant can get international recognition as a leading entrepreneurial school and find an international partner school.
Apply for a Business Mentor and get personalized 1-2-1 support for school business.
Applicant can join hundreds of other schools from all over the world in School Enterprise Challenge Community by building his/her profile and chat to other schools and join discussions in organizationís online forum.
Award Information
Over $50,000 in cash prize, laptops, cameras, tickets and flights to organizationís international conference. Awards are divided into stages:
Stage 1: Business Ideas
5 Best Business Ideas- $250 each
Stage 2: Business Plans
Top Global Prize- $2,000
5 Regional Prizes- $1,000 each
10 Country Prizes- $3,00 each
2 Special Category Prizes
Business Development- $1,000
Primary School- $1,000
Stage 3: Business Implementation
Top Global Prize- $5,000+1funded conference place
People-Profit-Planet- $2,000+1funded conference place each
5 Regional Prizes- $2,000 each
6 Country Prizes- $5,00 each
Special Category Prizes
Business Development- $2,000
Primary School- $2,000
Buddy School of the year- $1,000
Teacher and Student Awards
SEC Head Teacher Award- 1funded conference place
3 Inspirational Teacher Awards
1st Prize- $2,000
2nd and 3rd Prize- $1,000 each
3 Enterprising Student Awards
1st Prize- Laptop
2nd and 3rd Prize- Camera each

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