Kerala, TN, Karnataka top good governance list: report

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Kerala, TN, Karnataka top good governance list: report

Posted by: 2016-03-13 12:20:15 , By Mr. Raj Kumar

Three southern states, led by Kerala, have emerged at the top of the rankings of 29 Indian states in a new good governance index for the country released by Public Affairs Centre, an NGO in Bengaluru.

The first Public Affairs Index on good governance, measuring aspects like economic, social and infrastructure development in states, was released by former Chief Justice of India M N Venkatachaliah Saturday.

The index has ranked Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat as the top five states in terms of governance after measuring them against 10 parameters comprising 25 subjects and 68 development indicators.

“The balancing of all 10 themes, including economic, social, infrastructure and other aspects of governance, has given an edge to this small coastal state,’’ the Public Affair Index (PAI) report on governance has stated about Kerala’s ranking.

“The social balance in the population in terms of religious groups and the high place that it has traditionally accorded to women, the huge advancements made in the areas of health and education, accessibility of the state to influences from across the seas, the slant in political environment towards a leftist and socialistic economy, etc., have all contributed to the special nature of the social and economic backdrop against which the people of the state have evolved,’’ the report stated.

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